Holy crap it’s November!

Two months until the next cruise payment, people. 

I’m also having trouble NOT spending all of my time researching New York City hotels, the port, how to make the most of one day in NYC, the boat, Bermuda, the people, possible photo groups, lava cake, lido decks, the Bermuda Triangle, life preservers, drammamine, shopping, weight loss plans………I could go on.  *sigh*

Is it June yet?!?!?!




Come June, the madness begins…


There was lots of panicking, coffee, 3 computers, spreadsheets and iphones and all it took was 3 whole minutes. 

Way to go Rose Tours!!!!! 

WE’RE ON A BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-A, Ang, M & R 


The “Worst Kept Secret Cruise” Is Happening!!!

Holy Shit, 

We’re actually going on this thing. It’s finally been announced, we have an on sale date, we have pre-sale codes (well some of us), anyone else freaking out? Cause we are!! Wednesday will probably require large amounts of coffee and an economy sized bottle of Valium (which we are still on the hunt for…). 

Good luck to everyone and we’ll see you on the other side! (or on the boat!!!!) 

*stay tuned for the hysterical re-counting of booking day, because I’m sure it’s bound to be entertaining!!)



After months of speculation we finally got the cruise announcement! Now the madness begins. Room choices, deck choices, 2 rooms or 1 room? So much to figure out and only a few days to decide. Thankfully we have talked about a lot of this over the past few months, but what if we forgot something?! I know that Wednesday I’m going to be a total wreck until it’s time to book and then even after the booking is over. Thankfully I have Thursday off too to re-cooperate 🙂




How Do We Get On This Boat Again?

Way back in the day, four girls decided to take in a little extravaganza called “The Package Tour”. After four shows and four states we were left with heavily depleted bank accounts and the memories from most awesome summer ever! The post concert depression kicked in hardcore and that is where the trouble began…

What now?

We sat and we thought about it and thought about it, and thought about it some more. All of us knew of the NKOTB Cruise, we all said it sounded like a fun experience, but not one of us ever considered actually going on it.

Until a few weeks ago.

So here we sit, all four of us, making plans and plotting for a cruise that has yet to be announced. (Sounds just a little crazy, right? But not really…) We’ve looked at flights, we’ve thought about hotels, we’ve started savings accounts so when that announcement comes (and there’s three days til on-sale) maybe the fact that we’re just a teeny bit prepared, will help.

This is our NKOTB Cruise 2014 Blog.

All of the ups and downs, frustrations, sarcasm, hilarity, panic and shenanigans of four first time cruisers can be found here.

Let the madness begin.